Wednesday 18 September 2019

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

This company in order to cover all the client needs including the infrastructure, software applications and E-payment systems, has designed and produced diversified solutions, services and products and put them at the disposal of the country’s large organizations, companies and firms. This has been done in cooperation with our strategic trade/technical partners such as Asanpardakht Persian Company (active in E-payment domain with PSP license) and Iran Solar Company (active in communication infrastructure with SAP license).

E-Payment Domain (Asanpardakht Persian Company)

Positioning POS, PC-POS sale terminal at the head office and 32 provincial companies and 35 nationwide representative offices
Delivery of point of sale terminals for special clients or rural areas
Launching Internet Payment Gate (IPG) for subscribers
Payment via USSD (unstructured supplementary service data) cell phone code
Design and implementation of mobile software (Mobile APP)

Communication and Telecom (Iran Solar Company)

Design and operation of communication infrastructures needed at country level (particularly in remote areas with weak telecom infrastructures such as dams, villages, etc.)
Design, provision and operation of subscriber localization solutions
Provision of satellites bandwidth and lines