Wednesday 18 September 2019


Htsc At a glance

Novin Hi-Tech Solutions is a knowledge-oriented, learning, innovative and forward-looking company which operates in line with professional developments in the fields of banking, insurance and stock market activities and maintains active interaction with internal and international institutions while developing and promoting IT systems and solutions.
HTSC’s main mission is the supply of IT products and services with the banks and financial and credit institutes of Iran and the region and plays a pivotal role in this respect. In order to fulfill this mission, HTSC tries to benefit from the most modern technologies and constantly promote its ranking in the area of offering services and provision of products.
HTSC started its activities in 2008 for improved and more effective compliance of Iran’s banking system with global modern banking standards by concentrating on ICT oriented activities in the service of the banking system.

Special Operational Efficiency

Enjoying the services of 400 IT specialists and professional banking consultants
Offering comprehensive E-banking solutions & covering all ICT needs of the customers
Offering solutions on electronic payment domain
Nationwide operating branches


We believe we can be among the top companies in ICT industry in Iran. All the components of Novin Hi-Tech Company are working towards realization of this conviction. Today within the borders of the country and tomorrow beyond the borders and in the international arena, we will offer our products and services in line with global knowledge and by relying on Iranian strength and resolve.
By 2021, Novin Hi-Tech Solutions Company is set to become one of the top three companies in the related field in Iran with effective presence in the regional markets.