Wednesday 17 July 2019


Credit Card Switch (Based on Murabaha)

A Secure Way for Bank Credit Services

About Product

Purchase & Balance Inquiry in All Nationwide POS Devices 
Balance Inquiry & Changing First & Second PIN on ATM
Purchase, Credit Balance Inquiry & Blocking Credit Cards Status Via Payment Gateway of the Bank 
Activating, Blocking & Changing PIN & Balance Inquiry by PINPAD in Branches
Automatic Generation of Credit Cards Monthly Bills & Printing the Bills and Card Transactions through Internet Website
Query and Print the Bills & Card Transactions Through Branch Portal
Interest Discount Provided the Bill Is Paid Within Grace Period  
Converting the Unpaid Amount of Bill to Murabaha Loan After Grace Period
Increase the Upper Limit of the Customers' Credit by Branches 
MACNA (CBI Center for Control & Oversight Credits) Inquiries During Credit Card Issue Process
Access to Account Transactions list through MehrGostar Credit Card Internet Website
Repayment through MehrGostar Credit Card Internet Website