Wednesday 17 July 2019


Communication Channels Management System

Core & Integrated Banking Transactions Management

About Product


Compliance with Various Communication Protocols (Web Service, Socket, Rest, WCF, etc.)
Offering Smart Services in Receiving & Sending Transaction Proceedings
Offering Services & Connection to Various Banking Interfaces Such as Card Switch, PINPAD, Mobile Banking, IVR, Internet Banking, etc.)
Compliance with SHETAB Standards
Applied Core Management on Various Communication Channels Transactions
Creating Changes in Modules without Stoppage or Lowering Quality of Services
Observing Security Standards in System Design
System Design Based on Service-Oriented Architecture
Using Unique Monitoring Protocol in All System Modules

Operational Efficiency


Registering High Precision Systematic Events
Parametric Status of the System 
Compatibility with Load Balancer Systems to Upgrade Performance
Application of Uniformed Platform in Module Production
Providing Online Financial Services, Reports & Statements to VIP Clients upon Request
Introducing Restrictions on VIP Clients’ Services
Introducing Restrictions on VIP Clients’ Accounts
Introducing Various Procedures to Authenticate the Identity of VIP Clients
Forwarding Specific Reports Based on Specific Needs for VIP Clients