Wednesday 17 July 2019


Mehr Gostar Novin Core & Comprehensive Banking System

Modern Solutions in E-Banking Industry

About Product

Main Features

International Standard Core Banking
Integrated, Modular & Online System
Conformity with N Tier Architecture & Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Flexible & Parametric System with 24/7 Help Desk Support 
Compliance with Rules & Regulations of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) & International Institutions
Modern Platforms, Environments, Tools & Technologies
System Operation Capability in All Small Categories to Main Frame 

Architectural Principles & Structure

System Core Module 
Multiple Delivery Channel Management
Open & Scalable Architecture
Security & Risk Management

Operations Efficiency

Customer Oriented Based on 360-Degree View
Core System Management Covering Branches, Directorate, Head Office
Management, Supervision & Transactional Analysis
Information Integration & Unlimited Registration of Banking Documents
Management & Supervision over Transactions
Instant Recording of Incidents, Events & Accesses
Bank Accounting Core Processing
Special Services Offered to Special Clients