Wednesday 17 July 2019


Credit Management System

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This system verifies the identity of the client and matches profile information with the civil registration system for a variety of divisional and non-divisional applications, average account balance as well as documents and records related to loan requests and makes online inquiry from the Central Bank about the guarantor’s credit status. When all the cases in question are verified, the client’s application will be registered. Also, in specific cases, upon senior user’s confirmation and stating the reasons of endorsement (authority of provincial manager, branch manager, letter of recommendation, etc.), it is possible to register requests for ineligible clients, too.

Checking the Activity against Introduced Operational Capacity at the Stage of File Registration for Requested Loans
Calculating Maximum Amount of Loan Clients Can Get While Using Provincial Unit Cost & the Activity in Question
Minimizing User's Options through Necessary Controls at Proposal Stage by Credit Authority to Avoid User Mistakes 
Eliminating Branches Demand for Application Form by Using Client’s Public Report that Include all Cases Related to Clients & Guarantors’ Data & Inquiries, and also Request & Summary of Proposal Offered by Branch’s Credit Authority
Calculating, Printing & Giving Grace Period for Payment of Commission Fees in Detail (Expert Inquiry Costs for Life Insurance, etc.)
Mechanized Extension & Conversion through Receiving Loan Data Subject to Civil Partnership Extension & Conversion  
Extensive Reporting Facilities for Branch Managers, Head Office Management & Managers
Managing Collaterals & Allocation & Distribution of Collaterals Appraisal Fees
Validating Clients & Guarantors & also Control Coverage of Guarantees for Loan’s Principal & Interest
Mechanized Printing of Agreement