Wednesday 17 July 2019


Mehr Gostar Mobile Bank System (IOS, Android, Windows)

Mobile Bank: Forever Together

About Product

Card Services

Account Balance 
Account Statement
Mobile Phone Top-up
Mobile Phone Last Three Top-ups Inquiry
Card Based Bill Payment (Barcode Scan & Manual) 
Card Blocking
Card to Card Transfer (Same Bank & SHETAB Interbank) 


Account Services

Account Balance 
Automated Clearing House System (PAYA)
Account Based Bill Payment (Barcode Scan & Manual) 
Account’s Last Ten Transactions
Account Password Change
Loan Repayments
Check Inquiry
PAYA Inquiry
IBAN Inquiry 

Operational Efficiency

Sharing Transaction Result (Text & Image) through Related Software Applications (SMS, Viber, Telegram, E-mail, etc.)
Saving Frequently Used Information Like Account & Card, Mobile, Bill, ID, Facilities Numbers, etc.
Customizing Application Theme
Customizing Application Layout
Customizing Application Font
Operation History
Defining a Disposable Password for More Security
Define User Name & Password to the Application as Server Side
Show Account Summary after Each Sign-in