Wednesday 17 July 2019


Projects Monitoring System (Dedicated to Banking System)

Effective Monitoring of Resource Allocation

About Product

Operational Efficiency

Unification of Projects Credit Grants Operations & Monitoring 
Eliminating the Gap in Monitoring Loan Utilization Procedures
Registering, Accessing & Increasing Efficiency of Monitoring Reports & Operations
Mechanization & Updating of Procedures & Increasing Data Access Speed & Higher Security
Online Promotion of Monitoring & Project Control System 
Mechanization & Up-to-Dating the Projects Applied Supervision by Observers
Providing Solid, Integrated & Reliable Data for Adopting Managerial Decisions
Project Monitoring at Three Levels of Bank, Provincial Management & Branches
Creating a Secure Environment & Reducing Time & Financial Expenses Caused by Human Error
Quick Access to Projects Data & Their Control
Providing Users with Different Access Levels
Monitoring Exclusive Resources & Their Consumption Procedures
Integrating Activities & Monitoring Related to Projects Loan Grants