Wednesday 17 July 2019


E-Banking Comprehensive Service Portal

Management Made Easy with E-Banking

About Product

Operational Efficiency

Central Authentication & Safe Access to Comprehensive Portal in Bank Branches All over the Country
Providing Services Related to Token Device (Token allocation, token replacement, receiving online fixed password, token blocking & unblocking, token activation & deactivation, token dispensing)
Changing Token Holding Customers Information 
Connecting to Credit Card Switch & Providing Related Services in Bank Branches
Presenting Different Versions of Mobile Bank for Customers & Branches
Deactivating Mobile Bank Services 
Managing Branch Users by Related Management User Including Change of Password & Branch User
Adding New Accounts, Activating/Deactivating Customer Internet Bank Service & Changing Account Transfer Limit & PAYA 
Receiving Different Online Customer Reports by Provincial Bank Branches & Management 
Offering Branch Cash Money Report Service