Wednesday 17 July 2019


Iran Agriculture Insurance E-System (SABKA)

Offering Confident Insurance Services

About Product


Iran Agriculture Insurance E-System (SABKA) has been designed and produced in line with the policy to cut administrative expenses and increase precision and speed in realization of various agriculture insurance processes. The system includes diversified sections which through a number of specific information sub-systems provide the services needed by beneficiaries such as Agriculture Insurance Fund, insurers, brokers, Bank Keshavarzi core comprehensive E-banking system, and head office users and managers.
This system consists of subsystems of insuring, damage assessment, brokers’ management, financial operations circulation management, products management, tariff calculation, monitoring & supervision, claims collection, information dissemination, etc.


Improving Organization’s Efficiency & Productivity
Reducing Administrative Costs
Integrating Insurance Operations & Indemnity Payment
Improving Quality of Agriculture Products Insurance Services
Increasing Precision & Speed in Providing Services to Beneficiaries
Providing Necessary Grounds to Exercise Basic Monitoring & Supervision over Insurance Operations
Preparation of Diversified Fixed, Dynamic & Occasional Reports to Meet Information Needs of the Organization at Various Levels

Online Follow-up of Damage Claims by Brokers/Insurers
Online Collection of & Access to Insurers & Brokers Records
Online Access of Beneficiaries to Latest Transactions
Providing All Internet Insurance Services
Precise Monitoring & Supervision over All Circulars & Instructions Related Activities
Automatic Conclusion of All Accounting Operations & Calculations