Wednesday 17 July 2019


Anti-Money Laundering System (Based on Data Warehouse)

A Reliable System in Modern Banking

About Product

Operational Efficiency

* Checking Suspicious Financial Transactions in Free Trade & Industrial Zones
* Checking Suspicious Financial Transactions in High Risk Regions in Terms of Money Laundry
* Access to Information about Suspicious Individuals 
* Control & Follow-up of Financial Transactions by Suspicious Individuals
* Control & Follow-up of Suspicious Bank Accounts 
* Tracing Network Transactions Suspected of Money Laundry
* Producing Report on Financial Transactions with Specifically Described Amount
* Safe Access to Reports in All Points of the Country
* Extracting & Follow-up of Frequent Transactions within Limited & Unlimited Time Intervals
* Follow-up of Operations Resumption of Dormant Accounts with Considerable Amounts
* Preparation of Analytical Reports Required by Users